Beef Pho

Restaurant: Viet Grill, 58 Kingsland Road, London E2

I found myself in East London on a Saturday, as I had booked to do a photography course just off of Hackney Road. So when we broke for lunch with the instruction to be back in 45 minutes I knew that gave me just enough time to slip out for some Vietnamese food.

Viet Beef Pho

Kingsland Road is well known for it’s Vietnamese community, with a great choice of restaurants. Because I had such a short amount of time, I went into the first place I found that looked good and only afterwards I realised it was actually part of the same company that own the fantastic Cây Tre restaurant round the corner. It turned out to be a good choice.

Viet Grill is quite a large space and I was just a little sad that it was lunchtime and I had a class that afternoon so I couldn’t sample one of the delicious sounding cocktails. I ordered from the Express menu for speed and didn’t have to wait long for my vegetable spring rolls and Classic Beef Pho to arrive. The soup is made with a 24-hour cooked marrow bone stock and is filled with steak and brisket beef, along with silky noodles and herbs and onions. The broth was good – rich and flavoursome and the soup was filling. The beef was tender, and the mixture of the two types of meat made for interesting textures. I always have hoisin sauce with my Pho, and I learned a fact from the menu that I didn’t know before. Apparently only people from the south of Vietnam use hoisin, in the north they have chilli sauce to accompany the soup.

A good, fast lunchtime soup and perfect for filling up with on a cold day.

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Words and pictures by LadyLavish

Monday is Pho day


Cafe – takeaway: Chao, Whitecross Street, London.

A steaming brisket of beef pho, brimming with tons of beef, noodles, beansprouts, spring onions, coriander and what looks like thinly sliced white onion. That’s enough to wipe away the Monday blues!

This pho comes with a little parcel of condiments, including fresh chilli, mint and lemon, so you can dress it to taste. I also have the pot of hoisin sauce and use it as a dipping sauce for the beef and noodles.

As ever with the soups from Chao, the broth is delicate and flavoursome, literally a pot of goodness. There are lots of ingredients and this is filling enough to have for lunch during a working day and not need to be snacking again by mid-afternoon.

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Words and pictures: @madgie