Beef noodle soup

Restaurant: Tai Hing, arrivals lounge, Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong Airport Beefnoodle Advert

It’s 07:30 in the morning and I have just landed in Hong Kong for a business trip. Facing me as soon as I pass through immigration is a selection of restaurants serving rice, noodles and more importantly, soup. Hey it’s early, I can’t check in for a while I might as well head straight for a bowl of the good stuff for breakfast.

I choose Tai Hing as they have beef noodle soup on the menu. A big picture showing me what i can expect. Looks good and only around a fiver.

Hong Kong Airport Beef noodle soup

First thing you can taste is the star anise, a constant note through this bowl of soup. The broth is rich and tangy with small beads of oil floating on the surface. There is a slight peppery heat too, in fact, the flavours ride on the pepper. The noodles are chewy and the spring onions add a freshness.

A good start to a very short visit.

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Words and pictures: @madgie

Beef Pho

Restaurant: Viet Grill, 58 Kingsland Road, London E2

I found myself in East London on a Saturday, as I had booked to do a photography course just off of Hackney Road. So when we broke for lunch with the instruction to be back in 45 minutes I knew that gave me just enough time to slip out for some Vietnamese food.

Viet Beef Pho

Kingsland Road is well known for it’s Vietnamese community, with a great choice of restaurants. Because I had such a short amount of time, I went into the first place I found that looked good and only afterwards I realised it was actually part of the same company that own the fantastic Cây Tre restaurant round the corner. It turned out to be a good choice.

Viet Grill is quite a large space and I was just a little sad that it was lunchtime and I had a class that afternoon so I couldn’t sample one of the delicious sounding cocktails. I ordered from the Express menu for speed and didn’t have to wait long for my vegetable spring rolls and Classic Beef Pho to arrive. The soup is made with a 24-hour cooked marrow bone stock and is filled with steak and brisket beef, along with silky noodles and herbs and onions. The broth was good – rich and flavoursome and the soup was filling. The beef was tender, and the mixture of the two types of meat made for interesting textures. I always have hoisin sauce with my Pho, and I learned a fact from the menu that I didn’t know before. Apparently only people from the south of Vietnam use hoisin, in the north they have chilli sauce to accompany the soup.

A good, fast lunchtime soup and perfect for filling up with on a cold day.

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Words and pictures by LadyLavish