Quick butternut squash & chilli

It’s been ages since I made a soup and a wintery, windy Sunday was the perfect time to change that. This is a perfect fast and simple soup.

I (slightly) cheated and bought chopped butternut squash, as it always seems waaaay to difficult to peel and dice a whole squash. Or at least in anything like reasonable time.

I put the chopped squash in a pan with some olive oil, red onion and fresh chilli. You can make this soup as hot or as mild as you like, but the chilli definitely gives it some oomph and warmth of flavour.


Sauté the ingredients over a moderate heat for about 10 minutes, until the onion and squash soften. Top the pan up with 700ml of water, vegetable or chicken stock (I used chicken) and cook until the squash is soft. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Remove from the heat and blitz until smooth. Reheat and eat with fresh bread.


The soup is lovely and warming, with a nice consistency and perfect for an autumn night. I’d like to experiment and add a bit more chilli and some coconut milk, to give it more of an Asian flavour next time.

Words and pictures by @ladylavish

Dan Dan Szechuan beef

Takeaway: Nusa Kitchen, Clerkenwell, London

For a quick soup at lunchtime I chose the Dan Dan Szechuan beef from Nusa, with a piece of their flat bread to accompany it.



The broth was thin and clear, with a slightly aniseed taste. It was jam-packed with cut vermicelli noodles and lots of healthy spinach and tasty beef. I added chilli to mine as I like my noodle soups hot.


It’s not got the depth of flavour as a Pho, but it’s a nice different noodle soup option. The bread was essential or I think I would have felt hungry again in the afternoon.

Would have it again, and the fact it’s very light on calories is an added bonus.

Words and pictures @madgie

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