Spoon rating

Everyone loves a rating system, so I’ve developed a soup specific spoon system. Dishes are reviewed and marked based on the soup alone, whether it is eaten at home or in a top-notch restaurant, and whatever came before or after on the menu isn’t considered. It’s simply about the soup.

1 Spoons icon Pah! Not fit to be called soup

2 Spoons icon Barely acceptable and just about showing it’s face as soup

3 Spoons icon Some redeeming factors, with a few changes it could be saved

4 Spoons icon An everyday soup, might fill you up but won’t set the world alight

5 Spoons icon The mid-way point. Where most soups should at least be

6 Spoons icon Now we’re talking. Soup ‘s starting to get serious

7 Spoons icon Souper! I could order this every day

8 Spoons icon Miso happy with this soup, it’s lovely

9 Spoons icon Nearly on the top step, an almost perfect soup

10 Spoons icon Pho-nominal! We’re in soup heaven

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