Baxters Cream of Mushroom

I must confess I am of the school that wonders why anyone would make a mushroom soup and put it in a can.


Agreed, if you saute off some wild mushrooms and use these to make a tasty soup, with lovely stock and herbs, then its bound to be delicious. This one wasn’t. It was plain boring. There were bits of mushroom floating around in there but they are very small and don’t have a great deal of taste. The cream base wasn’t very creamy, it was, in fact, watery.


Sorry Baxters I didn’t like this one. In fact I didn’t even finish it.

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Words and pictures by @madgie

Heinz Tomato Soup (Organic)

I am not sure but I think that this was the very first soup served to me by my mum. I think for lots of kids of the 70s that was the case. Along with Chicken Noodle it’s the one I turn to when I’m not feeling very well.


I chose the organic version because…well because I can now. I figured that for the extra few pence this would have better ingredients. Perhaps someone out there can verify that?

I’m not sure that this soup actually tastes of tomatoes but it does have a familiar, comforting taste. Its smooth texture makes it perfect to dip a sandwich, or perhaps a piece of toast in.

For 80p or so a tin it’s certainly a good buy. However, it is a little boring too. A turn of pepper certainly helps. I am sure I used to have a bowl of this every month or so, but this time I will be waiting until I have forgotten what it tastes like until I try again. There are plenty other soups out there to add interest to your lunch.

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Words and pictures @madgie