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A few years ago someone told me that soup isn’t food, I’ve always disagreed with that statement. My love of soup started with oriental noodle soups, but it’s now stretched into all things soup, so much so, that finding great soups is now a key part of holidays and travel. We always manage to track down a great soup somewhere along the way!

I’m a Londoner now living near the South Coast, and by day I’m an experience designer. I’m interested in beautiful useful design, cycling and very fast motorbikes. And of course soup.

You can find me on Twitter @soupisfood or @madgie.

Nothing makes you feel better when you’re ill than soup. Maybe that’s where the love of it comes from – the comfort and the goodness, who knows? What I do know is that I have an increasing respect for anyone who can make a good soup, and that brilliant broth is very hard to find!

I deliver beautifully useful digital things for a living. Design, motorbikes and martini’s all play a large part in my life and I wear a growing collection of fabulous tattoos.I can often be found with a cocktail in one hand and an iPad in the other, at a racetrack watching fast motorbikes or trying to catch up on my ever-growing pile of magazines and books.

You can find me tweeting random brain farts and moaning about trains @ladylavish or about soup at @soupisfood.

This blog is dedicated to all things soup, including reviews, recipes and ratings. We like to travel and eat out, as well as making our own soups. It’s a bit of fun, so we hope you enjoy our adventures in soup. Let us know what you think 🙂




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