Braised beef soup – Din Tai Fung

We made the trip to Macau from Hong Kong for a little gambling action. We wanted to compare Macau to Vegas where we got married and still love to go.

Braised beef soup
Braised beef soup

Away from the tables sits a dim sum restaurant called Din Tai Fung. Through the window you can watch the chefs hand making the dumplings with love. This place has a great dim sum reputation, I couldn’t wait to sit and order.  Along with various dumplings I went for the Braised Beef Soup, a favourite.

It came looking dark and moody, with peaks of braised beef protruding from the broth. Spring onions and baby pak choi add the colour to a rich dark brown soup.

The stock is rich and full of beefy goodness. You can taste the  ginger and star anise that hold this soup together. It’s almost like a light gravy, so rich and unctuous.

The beef was soft like baby food. Delicious, however a bit too fatty for me. Trying to separate the gelatinous fat from the meet with chopsticks is difficult. I do understand that this fat is flavour is where the flavour comes from. The whole bulb of pak choi is also difficult to eat with chopsticks.

This is a soup of two halves. The broth is delicious, almost sublime but overall it wasn’t a great eating experience.

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Words and pictures by @madgie