Tomato and red pepper, Blue Waters, Antigua

I’m not a huge fan of tomato soup, mostly because I usually find it pretty dull, though I do like it with red pepper and even better with some added chilli as it definitely livens it up a bit.

Tomato and red pepper soup

This soup was homemade and tasted fresh as a daisy. Tomato-y and Summer-y and flavoursome. However, the problem was, it tasted like pasta sauce. It would have made a lovely spaghetti pomodoro – it even had the right consistency. But as a soup it was too thick and too sauce-like. And the red pepper was completely over-shadowed by the tomato. So much so, that I couldn’t taste the sweetness and flavour of the peppers at all.

It definitely improved with a nice soft buttered roll, but that was more about the bread than the soup. Ramp up the peppers and add some chilli!

The view from the table at Blue Waters, Antigua

Mind you, the view from the restaurant just about made up for it!

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Words and pictures by @LadyLavish