Carrot and rhubarb, British Airways Galleries Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 5

The soup before the soup. Well, we were flying Business Class for our Christmas trip so we had to take advantage of the food and drink on offer in the lounge at Terminal 5. That was before we then went off and had a duck soup and a beef soup Wagamama. It was Christmas Eve after all.

Carrot and rhubarb soup

The food selection in the business lounge was good (not as good as the lounge coming back at Hong Kong) and I love the help yourself bar, fully stocked with premium spirits, wines and bubbles. We had arrived early to take full advantage, and settled in with an aperitif, quickly followed by some small nibbles and a taster bowl of the soup of the day – carrot and rhubarb.

Carrot and rhubarb soup with crutons

It was a nice soup – warming and hearty, as you would expect. It tasted pretty much mostly of carrot, though it was sweeter than a standard carrot soup, so I suppose that was the rhubarb coming through. For some reason I expected a slightly sour taste but it was actually really nicely balanced. I have this childhood memory of stewed rhubarb needing a lot of sugar to make it edible, and I’ve never had rhubarb as a savoury ingredient before. I think there were some cloves in there and some pepper, but the carrot was the overriding flavour.

Christmas on a plane

We then went and had another meal on the flight…where the British Airways staff treated us to roast turkey with all the trimmings and large glasses of port with cheese, as we passed through the timezones into Christmas Day.

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Words and pictures by @LadyLavish