Mak’s noodle – Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Climbing up Victoria Peak in the ancient funicular has made me hungry. Actually it was the queuing to get on it that did that. In one of the malls at the top is Mak’s Noodles, a tiny little restaurant with seating for about 15-20 people. There is also a Vietnamese Pho restaurant. I love this city, soup at every turn.
Mak's Noodles menu

Mak’s Noodles menu

I ordered the beef brisket noodles in soup. I am anticipating good things here as Mak’s noodles have a good reputation when it comes to noodle soups.
Mak’s Brisket Beef in Noodle Soup

Mak’s Brisket Beef in Noodle Soup

A very short wait and a small bowl of goodness arrives. Noodles are thin and springy, cooked perfectly al dente.  Broth is beefy with undertones of star anise and ginger. Spring onions floating on surface with beads of beef fatty goodness. The beef itself has been  slow cooked and falls apart in your mouth.
Empty bowl, yum that was good.

Empty bowl, yum that was good.

Wow, this is a top bowl of soup, I almost licked the bowl clean. The portions are a little small, I could have easily eaten 2 bowls. Definitely up there in my soup ratings.
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Words and pictures by @madgie

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