Grilled Duck Ramen – Wagamama Heathrow Terminal 5

Whilst I’m awaiting a flight to take me to Hong Kong my mind turned to soup. I know that everyday is going to be a marvellous soup extravaganza however I couldn’t resist a quick stop at Wagamama’s in Terminal 5.

Wagamamma Roast Duck Ramen
Roast Duck Ramen

There are plenty of options on the menu. Grilled Duck Ramen is my choice. It is Christmas after all.

Close up
Lovely roast duck

At first the broth seemed a little bland but the Duck is delicious. The noodles have a starchy/silky emulsion. However, it’s a bit bland with way too much coriander. The Duck, whilst lovely, is not good enough to lift it very far.

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Words and pictures by @madgie