Vegetable Ramen – Ajisen Ramen, Macau ferry terminal, Hong Kong

During our stay in Hong Kong we had booked a couple of nights in Macau, and it meant we needed to get the ferry over the water. We arrived at the ferry terminal (which is in a shopping centre) not quite expecting the quite mad, packed scene that awaited us.

Once we’d worked out where and how to buy our tickets for the ferry, we realised we had a bit of a wait, so went in search of some lunch. We stumbled across a place which looked like it did decent ramen’s and we both fell in love with the cute Japanese logo. There was a small queue but we were seated in no time and ready to order.


It turns out that Ajisen ramen was founded in Kumamoto, Japan in 1968 and is a chain with over 700 shops worldwide. I had no idea it was a fast food restaurant, but laterly have found out that it is, and that it’s famous for its Tonkotsu soup (pork broth).


I chose the Vegetable ramen and my, oh, my…it was GOOD.  Beyond good. It was spiritual. Quite probably one of the best soups I have ever had. It had a mikly, rich broth, flavoured with toasted garlic. It was jam-packed with vegetables – sweetcorn, bean sprouts, crunchy carrot noodles, spring onion, spongy mushroom, dried mushroom and a tangle of perfectly al-dente noodles. Bliss.


Everything about this soup was perfect; the taste, textures and timing. It was moreish and I ate every single last mouthful. PLEASE open a place in London Ajisen Ramen!

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Words and pictures by LadyLavish


Prawn wontons in soup – Social Place, 30 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

6 wontons sit in a pure white bowl surrounded, but not drowned, in a pale broth.

Prawn wonton soup
Prawn wonton soup

My first taste is the broth. It’s clear, almost like a consommé. The base of this broth is fish stock and at first it‘s a bit strong for my liking. However, after a few spoonfuls you soon grow to like the fishy flavour.

The wontons are lovely. Soft and packed with prawns. Bite into them and the prawn filing is lovely, perfectly seasoned. The wontons are covered in chives and toasted garlic. I’ve never been a fan of the toasted garlic as it tends to dominate the dish.

Madge finishing the bowl
Madge finishing the bowl

An interesting introduction to the taste of authentic prawn wonton soup compared to what we get back in the UK.

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Words and pictures by @madgie