Matsumae sushi and soup noodle, Tajima Tei, Leather Lane, EC1

I don’t know whether it’s the initial umami flavour that hits your taste buds with the first sip of the broth.

Udon noodle soup
Udon noodle soup

Or it’s the soft, but slightly chewy udon noodles that sit in abundance.

Or it’s the hint of seaweed that is so subtle but just right.

Or it’s the little bits of tempura batter that floats on top of the broth.

Noodles close up
Lovely noodles

Or it’s just the perfect accompaniment to go with the beautiful mackerel sushi and the pickled ginger.

Mackerel Sushi
Matsumae sushi

Or it’s the simplicity of it.

But I love this little bowl of soup, it’s marvellous.

A real little gem of a restaurant, well worth a visit.

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Words and pictures by @madgie