Abura Soba – Monohon Ramen, Old Street, London EC1

Today was the opening day of the Japanese Ramen bar in Old Street. I couldn’t miss the chance of being one of the first people to try this shop that has sprung up from a pop up in Stoke Newington.

Abura Soba

Today there was only one dish on the menu and that was Abura Soba. This translates to “Oil Noodles”. This isn’t strictly a soup, what we have is a soup-less ramen dish that originated in Tokyo in the 1950s.

This ramen is a bowl of freshly home made ramen noodles with what tastes like a sesame oil based sauce that goes in the bowl first.

The toppings include:

  • The softest braised pork belly
  • Pickled or marinated bamboo shoots
  • Pickled ginger
  • Crispy fried onion
  • Seaweed and kelp
  • Lots of spring onions

and finally a soft poached egg

Abura Soba mixed up

When this arrives in front of you its looks amazing. You break the egg and mix it all together. The result is what looks like a Japanese carbonara, to quote the chef Ian Wheatley.  You have the choice to add rice wine vinegar with kelp, chilli oil, or toasted sesame seeds. I went for all but the chilli.

Monohon condiments

The flavours are exceptional. Fragrant but not one flavour overpowering another, all sitting on the support of the sesame oil sauce. The pork belly is soft and divine. All the toppings add texture and umami that just enhance this bowl of amazing food.

All I can say is “Yum” and cant wait till we can taste a soup based Ramen from this restaurant.

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Words and pictures by @madgie




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