Miso Char Sui Ramen

Restaurant: Sapporo, Manhattan

No trip anywhere is complete without trying an Asian noodle soup, and as we didn’t want to walk far one evening in Manhattan, we found a nearby casual Japanese restaurant/café called Sapporo.


We took a seat in our favourite location – the bar, and started to look at the extensive menu. There were lots of Ramen’s and we were a bit unsure what to choose. I’ve only had ramen a handful of times and everywhere seems to serve something different, so we went for something that sounded like it had familiar ingredients – the Miso Char Sui. We ordered this with a Katsu curry to share, not realising that would also come with a plain miso.


The soup arrived in a classic ramen bowl. We were surprised to find minced as well as sliced pork and sweetcorn in the broth. The soup was topped with spring onions, scallions and bean sprouts. The broth was brown and cloudy – it had texture which could have been the starch from the noodles.


In my mind, the noodles were the star of the soup – thick, golden and silky. They were perfectly cooked – I could have eaten a big bowl of noodles on their own.

For my personal taste, I found the broth too rich, and it’s not something I would order again. It wasn’t a flavour I could keep eating and I ended up leaving some of it, opting to finish up the noodles instead. With that in mind I would give the soup a spoon rating of 5, though if I were marking the noodles alone they would have got an 8!


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Words and pictures by @ladylavish