Chicken Noodle Soup

Restaurant: Carnegies Deli, Manahattan

First stop after landing at JFK and dumping our bags off at the hotel was to go out and get food. And I knew a traditional New York deli would serve up good soup and a sandwich, so we headed uptown to Carnegies.

There was a short line, but we were seated quickly. Tables are close to eachother and it’s almost impossible not to overhear your neighbours, or in our case, talk to them. It seems a firm favourite with an older client base, probably lured by the classic deli menu and proximity to the theatre district.


As soon as I saw the menu I knew I had to try the homemade chicken soup with golden noodles, and a corned beef sandwich. Both came quickly and the sandwich was huge – as I’d been told to expect.


The soup was served in a large flat bowl, containing the noodles, and the broth was served in a small metal cup, ready to be poured over the noodles. The soup was a little cloudy, with a very light oil and bags and bags of flavour. A simple soup of just inch-long noodles and a broth that was so good we actually drank it straight from the cup.


The soup was very good, a perfect start to our trip. It could have had some pulled chicken in it, but the half a pound of corned beef in the sandwich more than made up for it!

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Words and pictures by @madgie