Fish soup with fruits de mer

Restaurant: La Gavina, Placa Pau Villa 1, Barcelona

The concierge of our hotel, The Ohla, recommended a restaurant called La Gavina in Barcelona’s Port Vell area for dinner one night.

When we arrived the restaurant looked lovely, with white tablecloths and a large, covered outside area facing the harbour, with a view of some of the magnificent gin-palace yachts.

The menu was huge, with a large selection of fish, rice and meat dishes.


I chose the ‘fish soup with fruits de mer’ to start, followed by Monkfish. A large flat bowl was brought to the table first and a waiter appeared shortly after with a tureen and ladled the soup out. It was a rich dark red colour, with white fish, clams, mussels and prawns clearly visible.


A generous helping of soup was served, along with a nice selection of white and brown breads. The soup was a silky-smooth bisque and very well seasoned, with large chunks of fish/seafood.

Very nice, not overwhelmingly fishy or too heavy, perfectly balanced and a nice start to a meal. Very nice restaurant with great service.

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Words and pictures by @ladylavish