Fish soup with fruits de mer

Restaurant: La Gavina, Placa Pau Villa 1, Barcelona

The concierge of our hotel, The Ohla, recommended a restaurant called La Gavina in Barcelona’s Port Vell area for dinner one night.

When we arrived the restaurant looked lovely, with white tablecloths and a large, covered outside area facing the harbour, with a view of some of the magnificent gin-palace yachts.

The menu was huge, with a large selection of fish, rice and meat dishes.


I chose the ‘fish soup with fruits de mer’ to start, followed by Monkfish. A large flat bowl was brought to the table first and a waiter appeared shortly after with a tureen and ladled the soup out. It was a rich dark red colour, with white fish, clams, mussels and prawns clearly visible.


A generous helping of soup was served, along with a nice selection of white and brown breads. The soup was a silky-smooth bisque and very well seasoned, with large chunks of fish/seafood.

Very nice, not overwhelmingly fishy or too heavy, perfectly balanced and a nice start to a meal. Very nice restaurant with great service.

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Words and pictures by @ladylavish

Gazpacho in Barcelona

Restaurant:  El Pixto, Barcelona

We decided to spend a few days in Barcelona for some late Summer sun and relaxation, and of course while we were there took the opportunity to try out some local soups.

Gazpacho is probably the most famous Spanish soup, made with raw vegetables, stale bread and served chilled. It usually has a tomato base, though apparently there are white versions, as well as the traditional red. Originally from Andalucia, it is very common on menus in Barcelona and I couldn’t wait to try it.


We had a few snacks on the first night in a tiny tapas bar called ‘El Pixto’ in the Barri Gotic. It was was dark and cosy, and filled with fresh lilies. The bar was tiny, with a few tables and some standing room at the counter, and as in most places, cava is served by the glass, so we ordered two glasses plus a gazpacho and some fresh anchovies to share.

The soup was so surprising; minty and refreshing with a wonderful smooth texture and a slightly spicy finish. The fresh mint went so well with the soup, which didn’t taste overly tomato-y, or certainly wasn’t drowned out by the overpowering taste of tomato.


I really wasn’t sure what to expect, the thought of cold tomato soup didn’t really appeal to me that much, although I was keen to try it, and I’m so glad I did. It was superb – I could have licked the bowl clean.

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Words and pictures by @ladylavish