Homemade vegetable stock

I wanted to make a soup this weekend, so on Sunday morning I made a tasty vegetable stock. I often find veg stock lacks a bit of punch, so I was careful to make sure I had some good flavoursome ingredients.

You can pretty much use up any vegetables you have around, and this is a good way of using anything up that might be slightly past its best.


I started by chopping up carrot, celery and onion. I added 4 chopped up chestnut mushrooms, courguette and asparagus and the tops from the carrot and the celery leaves. I then added a litre of water and left the whole thing to come to the boil.


We’ve been growing some herbs this summer, so I chopped a big bunch of parsley, and added that to the stock pot, along with some sage and a bay leaf.


After the stock had been cooking for about 40 minutes I added a pinch of dried porcini mushroom, salt and pepper, and left it to cook for another 40 mins or so. The difference in flavour with the porcini’s in was amazing – it tasted really lovely and fresh but with a real depth.

I strained the pan and was left with a lovely dark golden stock, ready for my soup.