Abokado Super Salmon Detox

There’s a new branch of the sushi chain Abokado opened near work, so I couldn’t wait to try out one of their soups. Any opportunity to add a new venue to the lunchtime soup repertoire is always welcome!

There was a good selection of soups, and all sounded lovely. I chose the ‘Super Salmon Detox’ in the small size, and a box of sushi to go with it.

The soup is absolutely packed with ingredients, including large chunks of salmon, mange tout, mushrooms, green beans, carrot shaving and bean sprout, as well as lovely thin glass noodles. The broth itself is red and coconut-y in flavour. It’s reminiscent of the flavours of Thai soup and is lovely and rich, and not too spicy. Everything tasted fresh and cooked well.

I’d definitely have this again – the small size is perfect with a small sushi box and I think the large on it’s own would make a really filling lunch.

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Words and pictures by @ladylavish