Noodle v Noodle soup-off


This weekend we did a head-to-head soup challenge on one of our favourite soups: BBQ pork noodle.

Soup 1: Wan Chai Corner, Chinatown

This restaurant features regularly, as it’s one of our Chinatown favourites. Lovely, sweet BBQ pork, with plenty of it and tons of slightly al dente noodles. The only additional ingredient is slices of crunchy spring onion, though it always goes well with a side order of choi sum.


The broth was silky smooth, though I couldn’t work out if it was pork or chicken based.


My money is on chicken. The soup tasted delicious and filling, always a good choice, especially with an ever-so-slight hangover.

Words and pictures @ladylavish

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Soup 2: Wong Kei Restaurant, Chinatown

This is the sort of restaurant that you either love or hate. Personally, after coming here for over 25 years I love it. The waiters can be a touch curt but that’s part of its charm.


The soup was served in a big bowl, steaming hot. The broth was cloudy and had small globules of oil glistening on the surface. There were tasty pieces of honey Char Siu pork spread over the top of the noodles that you could just see through the cloudy stock. This lovely pork has a sweet taste and adds massively to the soup. The noodles are slightly al dente to start but soften over time. Condiment wise, I always choose a small dish of chilli oil on the side. The tangy, garlicy hotness compliments the pork perfectly. This is a great bowl of soup.

Words and pictures @madgie

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