Itsu Noodle (pot) Chicken

Istu Chicken Pot Noodle unopened Istu Chicken Pot Noodle made up

The instructions say add the noodles, the chicken flavouring, then the dried tomatoes and courgettes, pour over the boiling water and wait for 3 mins.

Had to wait 5 and even then the courgettes were still like rubber. The soup looked OK but had that smell of the chicken soup you get from the drinks machine at the swimming pool. There was a definite red coloured oil floating on the top. Taste wise it was more of a really thin tomato soup than of a chicken soup. There was a slight heat from the chilli and a sourness that was probably the indian twist it describes on the packaging. I didn’t really like the taste of this soup at all, it has a very processed flavour and the dried vegetables never really soften. Made the pot noodle taste like gourmet food.

I should have realised from the description that it’s a soup that doesn’t really know what it’s trying to be. Udon noodles, Indian twist and dried tomatoes and courgettes from Italy don’t really go together. I even tried to use the spoon/fork it comes with, just ended up with soup down my chin. Fail! I didn’t finish it and won’t be buying it again.

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Words and pictures: @madgie