Waitrose comforting chicken and vegetable broth

When you’ve had extreme dentistry, the very thing you want to eat is chicken soup. It is, in fact, the only thing I can eat right now.

I am feeling very sorry for myself, having had a particularly nasty experience having a tooth out yesterday, and that isn’t made any better by also being pretty hungry and unable to eat properly.

The ‘Comforting chicken & vegetable broth with peas and spinach’ from Waitrose sounded just the soup for the job. I had half the tub, which was a nice filling bowl, with a very soft brown roll.

The soup was lovely. Rich and filling, with lots of vegetables and bits of chicken. As well as spinach and peas, there was lots of carrot and the broth was nice and tasty. Perfect when you’re a bit under the weather.

I’d definitely have this soup again, be good to try it when it isn’t the only thing I’d eaten for 24-hours.

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Words and pictures: @ladylavish