Chinese duo

Takeaway: Canton Kitchen, Haywards Heath


Few things are as joyful on a Friday evening after a long week at work as the words ‘shall we get a takeaway?’ YES! The nearest, easiest option is always Chinese and the bonus with this is that they serve soups.

I ordered the wonton soup, and @madgie ordered the old favourite, chicken and sweetcorn.

The wonton soup was okaaay – though it was a pretty dull broth with no depth of flavor and quite salty. The wontons were lovely and tasted fresh and there was little pak choi floating about, but it felt like the broth was a bit of an afterthought. After the one in Chinatown a few weeks ago, it was quite a let-down.

The chicken and sweetcorn was exactly what you would expect – nice tasting and packed with the key ingredients. It was gloopy and perfect for dipping the free prawn crackers into. Not a lot more to say.

Neither soup would pass for restaurant quality, but for a Friday night in front of the telly they are not bad.

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Words and pictures: @ladylavish