Lemony chickpea and spinach

Takeaway: Nusa Kitchen, Clerkenwell, London

‘Ooh, this is nice’ was the first thing I thought, with the first mouthful. It was the hottest day of the year, but I still fancied soup and this one caught my eye from the Nusa menu.

Lemony Chickpea and Spinach from Nusa (1)Lemony chickpea and spinach from Nusa (5)Lemony chickpea and spinach from Nusa (4)

Jam-packed full of lovely chickpeas, with a rich thick soup, it was really tasty. The soup has chickpeas, lemon and spinach (obvs) as well as lovely fried onions, wine, cream and coriander as part of the recipe. I thought I could taste coconut, but I’m not sure.

Lemony chickpea and spinach from Nusa (6)

A really good and filling lunchtime choice which kept me going all afternoon.

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Words and pictures: @ladylavish