Is a Pot Noodle a soup?

After cycling 58 miles from Swindon to the Forest of Dean last Friday, as part of my Prudential 100 and London to Paris training, I was starving by the time I arrived. The problem was, I had arrived at a campsite, where the only option for ‘proper’ food meant building a fire and cooking it myself. Not what I fancied after that ride.
Pot NoodlePot Noodle (side view)Pot Noodle brewing
Luckily @ladylavish had thought ahead and stopped to buy me something that could be heated and eaten with minimum effort – a Pot Noodle. I blagged some hot water from the campsite owner and set my culinary delight to brew. A mere 3 minutes later my “tasty” snack was ready. Whilst having a distinctly synthetic flavour it wasn’t too bad, or maybe I was just very hungry. The sachet of soy sauce certainly helped. A chilli or 2 would have pepped it up. Interestingly I found out that they are all vegetarian despite the flavour combination (chicken & mushroom).

Well, after the carrot and cumin delight the night before, it was hardly gourmet food but it did the job. And actually, it was quite soup-y. It got me wondering if a Pot Noodle can be classed as a soup, and according to the internet, I appear not to be the only person who’s searched that.

It seems the jury is out. The internet appears undecided on the exact nature of a Pot Noodle – soup or not. Personally I think it doesn’t quite make the grade and for the reason that it’s almost impossible to eat with a spoon, I’m not going to award the humble king of student snacks a spoon rating.

Or spoon?


Words and pictures: @madgie

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  1. I point you in the direction of Nong Shim – Shin Cup. Just like soup-in-an-actual-bowl soup, not all pot noodles are created equal. The thought of that artificial chicken flavouring (#23) This ones got spice and flavour but is better in the on the hob version.

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