Soup of the day: Spicy Chickpea

Restaurant/Pub: The Talbot, Cuckfield

We went out for dinner at a Sussex pub, and had to try the soup of the day, which was spicy chickpea.

The Talbot is a really nice pub, and they’ve recently spent quite a lot of money on renovations to include a proper restaurant – although we prefer to eat in the bar.


The soup tasted lovely, with delicate spices and flavour but it was very thick, with a consistency akin to baby food. That made it very filling, which would have been perfect if I hadn’t ordered a whopping great big fish and chips to follow it! With blended soups I like it when they leave some texture so it’s not all the same mush.

Very nice, probably more of a winter soup than something for July 🙂

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Sainsbury’s chicken and vegetable broth

We tried this on a Saturday lunchtime, for the classic ‘soup ‘n’ sandwich’ combo.


This is billed as chicken and vegetable. In reality it’s vegetable with a trace of chicken. No decent sized pieces of meat and a weak vegetable broth. There were plenty of chunks of the cheap ingredients – carrots and potatoes, but unfortunately both were rather al dente after cooking.

I’d have liked more chicken – it definitely doesn’t have anywhere near as much as the Waitrose one, and the choice of vegetables were, frankly, dull.

There’s nothing offensive about this soup – it’s edible, but just a bit ‘meh’.

Words and pictures @ladylavish

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