Wonton Soup

Restaurant: Wan Chai Corner, Chinatown London.

Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup

We’ve been coming to this restaurant for many years, back when it was still known as China China, and the soups have always been a favourite. I normally order a BBQ Pork noodle soup, but it can be a bit much when you also want a noodle dish for main course, so I went for the wonton soup today.

The broth is lovely, really pork-y in taste and not at all greasy. It’s clear and almost sweet in its taste, with just chopped spring onions floating on top. It’s full of flavor and is the perfect hangover soup as it must be at least a litre of stock. The wontons are made from minced pork and prawn, encased in a lovely buttery dumpling. We were really early, and everything tasted fresh and full of goodness. I like that the filling is every so slightly al dente in texture.

Wonton translates to ‘swallowing clouds’, which is the perfect description for these little balls of lovely.

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Words and pictures: @ladylavish

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