St John Leek and Potato Soup

Restaurant: St John, Clerkenwell, London


What can I say about St John? Honestly one of my favourite restaurants in London. Not because of the offal dishes that is so famous for but because of the bar menu that regularly features a mighty fine soup. I’ve been treated to a range from Garlic soup to Goat broth, all of them fabulous and will be reviewed next time they come around.

This time I was served Leek and Potato. It was, as you would expect, thick and full of tangy leeks. A natural vegetable flavour, well seasoned and filling. It was, however, a touch bland for me. I did expect it to be a bit richer.

Served with the in-house bread basket, a green salad and a glass of white wine. It was still a little bit of heaven.

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Words and pictures: @madgie